While your plans are being designed, the preliminary steps will begin for the construction process. For custom homes, the building site will be tested by soil engineers who will make recommendations on the best type of foundation with specifications of its structural design.  Once the foundation is engineered and the plans are completed, they will be submitted to the municipal planning department for permits and approval.  After securing the building permits, and provided that financing is in place and the necessary documents are signed and recorded, the construction can begin. During the construction, to assure structural integrity of the home, all necessary tests and inspections of the work will be made at each phase of the building process. Periodic on-site meetings will be arranged to walk the job together and review work completed.  As the project enters the completion stages, close supervision of the details and observation of the finish techniques will be a diligent measure of quality control. Every effort will be made to exceed your expectations so that you will feel satisfied that you made a great investment by selecting us as your builder.





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